Fat Transfer Plastic Surgery

Fat transfer plastic surgery is growing increasingly popular as more people become aware of the possibilities of the procedure. Also known as fat grafting or fat harvesting, it is a safe, effective and versatile technique that can be utilized for a range of applications.

At St. Charles Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ghaderi is pleased to offer fat transfer surgery as an option for his patients.

The advantages of fat grafting are twofold: one area can be enhanced and another (the donor area) sculpted.

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What Fat Transfer Can Achieve

With fat transfer, Dr. Ghaderi basically “recycles” your own fat by harvesting it from areas of the body that have a sufficient amount of excess fat (e.g., the abdomen, hips, thighs) and re-injecting in, or transferring it to, areas of the body that lack volume (often, the breasts, buttocks or the back of the hands). The advantages of fat grafting are twofold: one area can be enhanced and another (the donor area) sculpted.

Am I an Appropriate Candidate for Fat Transfer?

Only a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Ghaderi can properly determine if you are an appropriate candidate for fat transfer. In general, however, suitable candidates for the procedure include those who:

  • Are in sound physical and mental health
  • Have a sufficient amount of excess fat in other areas of the body for harvesting
  • Have reasonable expectations for the outcome of surgery (i.e., they desire realistic cosmetic improvements, not perfection)

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Benefits of Fat Transfer

There are several benefits of enhancing a specific area of the body or face with your own fat. Because the procedure uses your own fat, it is one of the most well-tolerated fillers. It typically produces more natural-looking results than synthetic dermal fillers or an artificial implant. In addition, Dr. Ghaderi can easily customize a fat transfer technique to satisfy your unique needs and aesthetic desires.

The Procedure

The fat grafting procedure is performed in two steps. First, Dr. Ghaderi harvests the fat cells from the donor site. After the fat cells are purified, they are injected into the area of the face or body that requires enhancement.

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Is It Safe?

Fat grafting is an extremely safe alternative to enhancing an area of the face or body with artificial implants, which typically require larger incisions. Because fat is a naturally-occurring substance, utilizing it for enhancement reduces the risk that the body will have a negative reaction to it. Although fat transfer can be performed under general anesthesia for added comfort, it can also be performed using local anesthesia, which reduces the inherent risks associated with surgery.

The Recovery Period

In the initial weeks following your procedure, the treated area may be sore and / or swollen. Any discomfort you experience can be managed with oral pain relievers. The treatment area will be dressed in bandages as well as a compression garment for the first few days after surgery to minimize any swelling and provide added support to the tissues as they heal. Dr. Ghaderi will remove the bandages within two to three days of your fat transfer procedure. He will also let you know when you can safely return to work or your usual activities.

Fat Transfer FAQs

Our fat transfer patients tend to have a lot of questions about the procedure and what to expect. Review the most frequently asked fat transfer questions.

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