Fat Transfer Procedures: The Way of the Future

Are you looking to augment a part of your physique or reduce wrinkles without introducing a foreign substance into your body? Fat transfer procedures enable you to do just that, by taking fat from one place on your body, and using it to fill out or enhance another part.

Fat transfer has been around for a few years, but patients are finally learning to ask about it as they evaluate their options.

Some of benefits of the fat transfer procedure are:

  • It uses fat from your own body instead of silicone or other dermal fillers, reducing the risk of negative reactions.
  • The liposuction required to collect the fat for the procedure gives you the opportunity to remove unwanted fat from another part of the body.
  • It is minimally invasive, because only tiny micro-incisions are required to inject the fat into the area.
  • When done right, it can look more natural than other types of implants.
  • Depending on the procedure, it can be done using local anesthetic instead of general anesthetic.
  • For all of the above reasons, fat transfer procedures usually have a shorter recovery time than analogous procedures that use dermal fillers.

So, if you’re looking for to enhance any of the following areas, you might want to consider a fat transfer procedure:

  • Facial wrinkles such as laugh lines, crow’s feet, and others.
  • Breast augmentation to a moderate size can be accomplished via fat transfer. Fat transfer can also be useful for refining the look of silicone or saline implants.
  • Buttock augmentation, and the now popular “Brazilian butt lift” can be accomplished through fat transfer, and results in a natural and comfortable appearance.

Because of the necessary fat extraction and preparation, the cost of fat transfer is slightly more than similar procedures utilizing other dermal fillers. Another thing to note is that not 100% of the fat survives the transfer—some fat cells are naturally broken down by the body. Usually you can expect 70-90% of the transferred fat cells to remain. But, remember that the fat transfer procedure also gives you an opportunity to extract fat from body areas of your choice, giving you a further chance to sculpt your body.

In all, many find the cost well worth it for the procedure’s natural, safe, and great looking results. As more people seek natural ways for body enhancement, fat transfer will likely grow in popularity over the next few years.

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