Is This the Year for a Breast Reduction?

Are you a good candidate for breast reduction surgery? A breast reduction procedure, formally known as reduction mammoplasty, can make a dramatic improvement to the lives of many women who have problems with excessive breast size. Breast reduction doesn’t get talked about in the public sphere nearly as much as breast augmentation, but it can offer even greater benefits to those who need it.

If you’re experiencing these 5 problems, you may want to consider getting a breast reduction procedure this year:

Back, neck, and posture problems.

Women with large breasts know how much of a problem large breast can present for the body’s skeletal and muscular systems. Simple activities such as standing, sitting, or even laying down to sleep can be thrown off, resulting in ongoing pain and discomfort. A breast reduction procedure can help decrease the weight that your back and neck have to support on a daily basis, helping to alleviate pain and soreness and promoting a healthier and more ergonomic posture.

Discomfort during sports and other activities.

Those with large breasts are frequently limited in the types of activities they can participate in due to the discomfort they experience. Breast reduction surgery can help you be more active by reducing the level of discomfort, and ultimately encouraging you to be healthier.

Trouble finding clothes that fit.

Large breasts can often be a limiting factor when shopping for clothes, with every other part of the garment fitting except the chest area. A breast reduction procedure will make it much easier for you to fit into more conventional sizes, making it easier to find clothes that fit and opening up your style options dramatically.

Sagging and stretching.

Large breasts can often lead to other issues, like sagging and stretch marks. A breast reduction can bring the breast back in proportion with the rest of the body, giving you a more pleasing appearance.

Anxiety and low self-esteem.

Some women with excessively large breasts are self-conscious about that part of their bodies and spend a lot of time worrying about getting adequate support and coverage to that region. A breast reduction surgery will allow you to stop worrying and get on with your life.

To see some examples of the dramatic improvements that can be made through breast reduction surgery, visit our Breast Reduction Before & After photo gallery. And, when you’re ready to discuss your breast reduction procedure, contact St. Charles Plastic Surgery to set up a consultation!