Why Choose a Private Practice 

There are many steps a person goes through when searching for a plastic surgeon.  First, you want to see if a plastic surgeon specializes in the procedure that you are interested in, and if so, you will want to look for board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Of items of interest, may be how many years the surgeon has been in practice and the medical school they attended.  Have you found their website? Is there an extensive before and after photo gallery showcasing their work?  How about those reviews, what is the consensus on those reviews? After searching and doing your homework, you may find yourself with more than one surgeon that meets your criteria, specializes in the procedure you desire, has great credentials, and 5-star ratings. How can you choose?  It all comes down to the details. The details set each plastic surgeon apart. One of the details that we pride ourselves on is that Dr. Ghaderi is a solo practitioner in private practice. We feel that is an important distinction and let us explain why we believe that it is an important one.

There’s only one physician.

Dr. Ghaderi is the only physician at his practice. When you come to your appointments you are meeting with him, and only him, regarding your medical care. Dr. Ghaderi is the one you meet from the first consultation all the way to the end. He changes your bandages, monitors your healing progress, emotional wellness, and discusses each step of the recovery process, including return to work and activities of daily life and exercise. Communication and questions are always through Dr. Ghaderi.

When you call, there are no prompts.

Remember what it was like when you could call your doctor’s office directly and speak to someone? We do too. This is why during business hours, our experienced and friendly staff will always answer your phone call – the phones are not turned off during lunch even. You aren’t directed to an answering service or a call center, and you don’t have to press 1 to reach the correct area to help you with your question. If Dr. Ghaderi is not in the office and you have a question for him, your call is typically returned within minutes providing an answer. Once you have surgery, you are given his cell phone number so you can reach him directly at any time, even when he is out of town.

Our patients find comfort in knowing that Dr. Ghaderi is within reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year.

Our office is accessible.

Located in an office building off two major streets, our office is easy to get to. There is ample amount of parking that does not require driving up and down rows to find an open spot nor is there much walking once you park. The office is also located in a medical building, so should you need labs or other screening it can be done on-site.

We offer top-quality care.

Dr. Ghaderi is fully invested and involved in making sure his patients get the best care possible. There are no influences of third-party entities or employers that could dictate the level of care you may receive. We do not accept lunches, dinners, nor gifts from medical sales reps. Therefore, choices for which products to use are based on quality research and outcomes rather than financial loyalties or obligations.  Our office is committed to making sure that you have an exceptional experience. From the initial phone call to the final follow-up visit, we strive to provide you the personal attention you deserve. Call us old-fashioned, but we believe in this level of service and care.

These are just a few examples of why being a private practice is a detail that sets St. Charles Plastic Surgery apart from others.

Let us show you other details that set our office apart by scheduling a personalized consultation to meet with Dr. Ghaderi to discuss your dreams of your ideal look.