The Issue No One Wants to Talk About: Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is a truly unpleasant and inconvenient condition, causing social, psychological, and emotional distress to those who experience it. The excessive sweating often leads to worrying about the unpleasant smell or about soaking through one’s clothes, causing additional anxiety that often leads to even more sweating. But many people who suffer from this condition aren’t aware that it can often be addressed with a simple non-surgical procedure.

Hyperhidrosis can occur from birth, but a large number of cases also start during the hormonal changes that happen in adolescence. The actual causes of hyperhidrosis vary, and are often not clear.

Excessive sweating can be localized in a particular areas (such as the hands, feet, armpits, face, or groin, all areas with a high number of sweat glands), in which case it is known as primary hyperhidrosis. When excessive sweating occurs over the entire body, it’s known as generalized hyperhidrosis.

Many sufferers of hyperhidrosis have no idea what to do about their condition. They should know that hyperhidrosis is very much treatable with a simple, non-surgical procedure. BOTOX injections, which many people know for their cosmetic benefits, are actually among the most effective non-surgical treatments for hyperhidrosis.

BOTOX blocks neural control of the sweat glands, reducing sweating for a period between 3 and 9 months depending on the site of the injection and the quantity of BOTOX. And, consecutive injections to the same area actually increase in effectiveness, helping the results last longer with each new injection. BOTOX treatment for hyperhidrosis has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and has few side effects. A quick outpatient procedure can have you on your way in minutes.

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