Thank you, thank you, Dr. Ghaderi. The most difficult time of my life, breast cancer. I have never met a doctor who was so concerned that I keep a positive attitude during my care and recovery. Dr. Ghaderi made himself available to answer questions no matter how trivial I thought it was. He was very clear in his explanations of my procedures and follow up care.

He was never hurried and made me feel as if I was his only patient. I am confident that I received the best care.

If I came in for an appointment feeling bad, Dr. Ghaderi always had kind words of encouragement. I left the office knowing “I was going to get through this.” What a blessing you are to me. The staff at St. Charles Plastic Surgery. All I can say is WOW! I was met at the beginning of every appointment with a smile. The girls were very friendly, sweet, and compassionate. Dale was so prompt in returning phone calls and very knowledgeable. What a great team they make!

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