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Summer 2015 Newsletter

The St. Charles Plastic Surgery Newsletter, Volume 11, Issue 2

Doc Talk: The Road Less Traveled

by Bahram Ghaderi, MD, FACS

With summer here many of you are looking forward to a trip or getaway. It is the season to travel to different places and see different parts of the country or the world. I have been fortunate to have visited many places in the US and abroad. I wanted to share my favorite places to visit and would love to hear where your favorite location is as well. One word of wisdom I heard long ago was to travel with half the clothes and twice the money. You never use all your clothes that you pack and always need more money for the activities and sites you want to take in.

Over 20 years ago I backpacked across Europe and did not follow that rule at all!! I was visiting my uncle in Germany and it was my cousin’s First Communion. I thought I should carry a suit with me to look appropriate for the big event. Who in the world carries a suit while backpacking? I soon found out it was not a very good way to travel. Definitely could have used half the clothes.

My budget was $30/day for food and lodging. I had my Eurail pass so traveling from city to city was covered. That budget covered all my food, a place to stay, and entertainment. I stayed at youth hostels which were about $10/night and usually included breakfast. They varied greatly in their accommodations. Some were very nice but most had a big hall with cots lined up. In a few, you had to sleep with your belongings on your bed so they would not be stolen overnight. To save money, I would spend some nights traveling in a train and wake up in the next city. I was happy that I had saved $10! The best part was meeting people from all over the world. The city that sticks out in my mind as being the most beautiful and different was Prague, Czech Republic. It was the only town that escaped being destroyed in WWII and it was abound with history. It was also very inexpensive at the time (a beer was only 20 cents) so it was a perfect fit for me. The scenery was unforgettable and the experience unmatched. Since I had spent the night before traveling and sleeping on a train, I even had an extra $10 to spend. I woke up seeing a sunny day in this beautiful city. What else can you ask for?

In the US, I have seen states on both coasts and live in the Midwest. They all have their own remarkable places. Our big summer vacation this year was to travel to Montana. I am actually writing this on our last day here. It is truly “Big Sky” country. Having grown up in LA and near the Pacific Ocean, I thought watching the waves come into the shore was calming and peaceful. However, the rolling mountains and landscape of Montana with its big sky has been the most relaxing place I have ever visited. Now I know what the word vista truly means. The air is clean and there is minimal pollution from us humans. It is God’s country for sure.

As for cities, Chicago is by far my favorite. I truly mean that. I think New York is fun for a weekend, but living here is the best. For traveling and sight seeing away from our great city, Washington, DC definitely stands out. Even our kids loved it when we went a couple of years ago. They really got a sense of how our country was formed and works. Having visited Europe with all its history and architecture, I still could not imagine living anywhere else than here in Chicago, IL, USA. We have so many things to be grateful for and you can truly appreciate what we have by traveling and seeing other places and countries.

Hope you have a great summer and please feel free to share photos from your summer travels. You can send your stories, favorite places and photos to [email protected] See you soon.

The Caveman Diet

Taking direction from our Paleo ancestors will help in finding your own path to good health. The term Paleo Diet (which has also been nicknamed the “caveman diet”) is misleading in that it implies a temporary weight loss program designed to shed as many pounds as possible so that you can fit into the jeans you wore in high school. In fact, the Paleo approach is directed toward optimizing your health and wellness through nutrition, stress management, protecting your circadian rhythm (adequate sleep), and incorporating moderate physical activity into your life. Improving your body composition and maintaining a healthy weight is just the bonus. Followers of the Paleo lifestyle tend to mostly eat whole, unprocessed, and nutrient dense foods. Yes, there is the occasional detour that may be well worth the indulgence but off-roading is limited to every now and then. The nutritional goal is to prioritize grass-fed and pastured meats, caught seafood, and vegetables. Enjoy fruit, nuts, and seeds in moderation. Abstain from processed, pro-inflammatory foods like gluten-containing grains, dairy products, legumes, and sugar. If you can keep an open mind and commit to having an adventurous plate, you will soon find infinite variety, flavors, and nourishment – not to mention significant improvements in your general health, body composition, and energy levels. I am just finding my own path.


Double Trouble

Meet Monica and Gabrielle. They are Dr. Ghaderi’s Patient Care Coordinators. Dr. Ghaderi calls them the “Wonder Twins.” Together they handle all of our patient’s questions, appointments, and surgery scheduling but also laughs and entertainment. Patients often refer to them as partners in crime, side kicks, and/or sisters. They must seem like they are too much fun because often patients laughingly tell them to “stay out of trouble” upon leaving their appointment with Dr. Ghaderi. All laughs aside, Monica and Gabrielle make a great team and will help make your experience with our office a great one. Contact our office to book an appointment to meet with Dr. Ghaderi, but more importantly to laugh with Monica and Gabrielle ;).

LivingWell Cancer Resource Center

On May 16, 2015, LivingWell Cancer Resource Center hosted their annual Bridge Walk at the Kane County Forest Preserve in Batavia. LivingWell Cancer Resource Center is a local gathering place providing comfort for anyone that is experiencing the effect of cancer. We are humbled by the support and fundraising efforts of so many that have made St. Charles Plastic Surgery one of the top teams at the walk. We raised a total of $11,056.80 and had over 62 team members. Thank you for joining us in the mission to support the fighters, admire the survivors, honor the taken, and never ever giving up hope! We really appreciate it and look forward to seeing all of you again next year!

Women – Should They Shave Their Faces?

I used to joke that men’s faces age well because we exfoliate everyday by shaving. Well, that is exactly what some women are doing to help keep their skin young. An article in the New York Times is quoting a celebrity facialist saying that famous actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor did just that. Michelle Money of “Bachelor” fame has a popular YouTube video showing her shaving technique. Also, Japanese women consider female shaving, known as kao sori in Japan, common.

Women have hair on their faces just like men. However, it is barely noticeable as it is short, light-colored fine hair known as vellus hair. Many women with dark facial hair remove it by using methods such as threading, waxing and lasers. Recent reports point to more women shaving their faces and it could have anti-aging benefits.

Shaving daily is one reason men are thought to have fewer wrinkles. We shave the outermost layers of the skin and promote creation of a new layer. Shaving can stimulate collagen production because of the dermabrasive effect of the shaving action. Increased collagen in your skin makes it appear younger and more vibrant. It also makes fine lines and wrinkles disappear and reduce skin pore size. The hair will not grow back thicker as the hair producing follicle is in the dermis and not effected by shaving. But the hair does look and feel rougher as it grows back blunt rather than naturally thinner at the ends. Micro razors are the recommended type for shaving your face and are meant to be used dry, as opposed to a standard razor, which requires shaving cream.

If done incorrectly, you can get cuts as well as pseudofolliculitis, otherwise known as razor bumps. Some experts believe that shaving is too harsh for female facial skin. They recommend that for regular exfoliation at home, a basic natural scrub is more sensible.

This is something to definitely think about if you are considering starting this trend. As always, please call with any questions or email [email protected]

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What’s in My Pool Bag

Out of the four seasons, summer is my favorite. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is go to the pool. I always make sure I have the essentials with me to ensure I have the perfect pool day. I have listed them below for you.

  • Sunscreen — SPF 50: I always want to stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays that can age the face prematurely.
  • Sunnies — what I call my sunglasses: sometimes the sun is blinding and I can’t read my book while laying out so my sunnies help with that.
  • Book/Magazine — I like to stay entertained with a good read; whether it’s about the latest fashion trend or an adventurous novel.
  • Jug of Water/Snacks — It’s important to stay nourished and hydrated while laying in the hot sun. I have a jug of water with me that I try to steadily drink as well as trail mix or almonds to munch on.

Beauty in the Falls

Summer is a great time to plan a trip to go experience new things! I wanted to share with you a trip that I will never forget. Last September I was able to visit the Niagara Falls. The Niagara Falls are located on the border of New York and Ontario, Canada. My grandpa, who lived in Canada, had passed away in September 2014. My family and I made a trip out there for his services and wanted to stop at the falls (for our first time) in honor of him. I was in awe by how beautiful the falls were. I felt at ease just standing looking at the strength and power nature can have and yet still be pretty enough to take your breath away. I highly recommend visiting this natural wonder at some point in your life. It’s one of nature’s beauties.