Putting the Cost of a Cosmetic Procedure into Context

Deciding to undergo a cosmetic procedure, is not only an individual, personal, and emotional decision, but a financial one as well. Most cosmetic procedures are not covered under standard insurance and are considered elective. This means you’ll have to finance the cost yourself. This can feel overwhelming and costly at first. However, when we put the cost of a cosmetic procedure into perspective and context, it’s not as bad as it might seem.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons website details average costs for each procedure, according to 2014 statistics. Simply search by procedure and click cost. For example, the average cost of liposuction is $2,971. To find the procedure price ranges for your area, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery offers a pricing calculator.

Of course, you should ever choose a doctor based on solely on the lowest cost available. Be sure you’re choosing a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon. Your comfort level with your doctor is integral as well.

Let’s put the cost into perspective. Using the liposuction cost example above, we spend more money on frivolous things throughout the year. Consider the cost of dining out. Say you dine out on average once a week and the average meal for one is $18. That equates to $936 a year. Chances are, however, you’re not just paying for yourself. If you factor in a spouse and two kids, that’s over $3700 a year, enough to pay for your procedure.

Even if you don’t spend that much money on dining out, there are other ways we spend money that add up. That $5 latte? Drink one a work day and that’s $1300 a year, enough for almost half the procedure. Switching from soda to tap water will not only do wonders for your health, but also your savings. Buying bottled water? Consider investing in a filtered pitcher for more long-term savings.

If you’re considering any type of body contouring surgery, hold off on buying new clothes. You’ll want to save those for your new look.

Movies also cost us on average $25 to $30 a visit. If you can consider holding off on the latest release until it hits DVD rental, you’ll save considerably. The same can be said for the premium cable packages. Most cable programs eventually end up on Netflix. If not, consider looking to the library for free DVD rentals.

If cutting back doesn’t work for you, financing your plastic surgery is also an option. A variety of options are available. Care Credit is an option used by St. Charles Plastic Surgery. With Care Credit, you won’t need to wait until you save up enough money. Depending on the procedure, Care Credit may offer interest free financing for up to 24 months. Contact us to discuss what financing options are available.