What Happens at the Plastic Surgery Consultation?

What Happens at the Plastic Surgery Consultation? With over 8,000 plastic surgeons currently active in the United States, it could be intimidating to try to find “the right one” for you. For those who have never had a cosmetic procedure, and who don’t have friends or family that can recommend a plastic surgeon, they can only rely on online information and the in-person consultation to make this key decision. That’s why the test of whether a plastic surgeon is “the right one” for you should start long before you enter the operation room, during your initial consultation.

During your consultation your doctor should take the time to discuss your expectations as well as any concerns you may have. Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is an incredibly personal decision, and every procedure must be tailored to meet the needs and desires of the individual patient.

The doctor should also tell you a bit about his or her specialties, methodology, and track record of success. Ideally, the doctor will have plenty of “Before and After” photos that can give you an idea of previous successful procedures, which could even help you point out ones that show similar results to the ones you want to achieve. Your doctor will then discuss the results that can be achieved based on his or her experience and on the characteristics of your body, will go over the limitations of the procedure, and will tell you about any alternative options which may be available to you.

Your doctor will then review your medical history, current health status, and make an assessment on whether the procedure is right for you. He or she should carefully go over the risk of the procedure, as well as the expected recovery time and any lifestyle changes you’d need to make either while you’re recovering or permanently.

At the conclusion of your first visit, a second appointment will sometimes be recommended. This will give you time to consider what you’ve learned during the initial consultation and allow you to think of other questions and concerns to discuss with your doctor. Your doctor should also encourage you to bring a significant other or any individual who will be supporting you through the procedure and recovery.

Some things to watch out for: beware of any doctor who attempts to hurry the process along and try to get you to have the procedure before you yourself decide you’re ready. Equally, beware of any doctor who doesn’t seem realistic in the results he or she promises, or who doesn’t adequately discuss with you the risks inherent to undergoing any cosmetic procedure (plastic surgery is safer than ever, but there is no such thing as a risk-free procedure).

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