Gender-Affirming Plastic Surgery

At St. Charles Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bahram Ghaderi upholds a culture of compassion. He delivers patient-centered care that is rooted in his understanding of the subtle physical and emotional aspects of undergoing transformation through plastic surgery.

St. Charles Plastic Surgery maintains standards of excellence while pioneering a respectful environment that invites each patient to discover and realize their most empowered self. With the careful and thorough attention that Dr. Ghaderi gives, patients complete their care feeling affirmed in their unique vision and life story.

With a highly acclaimed reputation for both excellence and kindness, Dr. Ghaderi works courageously with each patient to align their desires with his expertise, so as to achieve outstanding results.

If you are interested in learning more, Dr. Ghaderi welcomes individuals seeking gender-confirming and transgender surgeries to meet with him for a consultation.