This Fall, Get Outside: Five Activity Ideas

Are you sad that the fun days of summer are behind us? It just so happens that fall is one of the best times to get outside—the oppressive heat of Chicago summer dissipates, the leaves start changing colors, and a nice breeze helps to cool you off. The options are infinite, but here are five ideas for you to get outside this fall season:

  1. Go for a hike — What better way to experience the changing of the seasons than spending some time in nature? Do some research on the best hiking trails in your area. Then, purchase some supportive shoes and some water to keep hydrated, and get out on the trail. Aside from the fitness benefits, you’ll simply feel better, because nature is a proven stress reliever.
  2. Take a bike ride — Spin classes are all the rage, and they can be a lot of fun, but this fall, why not embrace the original form of this century-old activity? Don’t fall for marketing and splurge on an expensive new bike either; whatever you have in your garage will do just fine. And remember basic safety rules, such as wearing a helmet and not riding on the same roads as cars unless you already have experience doing so. Finding a nature trail to ride, such as one at a forest preserve, can allow you to ride continuously without having to worry about traffic lights, letting you fit in a workout along with your beautiful scenic ride.
  3. Fishing — Not all time spent outside has to be active time. Fishing is a great hobby you can do with the whole family or alone, and its naturally slow pace is a great stress reliever. If you can, find a river or creek to fish where you can also enjoy the calming sounds of moving water.
  4. Pumpkin farm — Whether you have kids or not, a pumpkin farm done right can be a ton of fun. The key is to get into it—can you select the perfect pumpkin for carving? Find your way back through the corn maze? Make friends with every animal at the petting zoo?
  5. Take a scenic road trip — Ok, so you may not be “outside,” strictly speaking, but one of the best things to do during fall is to take a long, scenic drive through an area where the leaves are changing colors. For Chicagoans, driving north into Michigan or Wisconsin is usually a safe bet. Find a good place to have some lunch, or if you want to make a day out of it, a nice bed and breakfast to stay at.

Have other fall activities on your list? We want to hear about them! Get in touch with us!