Breast Lifts

Over time, breasts may sag or droop due to aging or childbearing. In the paragraphs below, Dr. Ghaderi explains the breast lift procedure, and encourages patients to view the before and after photo gallery to get a better understanding of how breast lift patients have benefited from the procedure.

When you meet with Dr. Ghaderi during your consultation, his caring demeanor and dedication to personal attention will be immediately evident. You can rest assured that the quality of care Dr. Ghaderi provides is as excellent as the results he produces.

Get the Look you Desire

Breasts play a significant role in how sexy and feminine a woman perceives herself to be, and sagging breasts can be devastating to a woman’s self-esteem. As women age, particularly if they bear children or lose weight, it is natural for their breasts to lose fullness.

Breast lift surgery is designed for women whose breasts have lost their elasticity over time. During breast lift surgery, excess skin is removed from the breasts and the remaining skin is tightened. The goal of breast lift surgery is to help a woman attain firmer, younger-looking breasts that are proportionate to the rest of her body. Dr. Ghaderi can also reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple, during breast lift surgery.

Good Candidates for Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is customarily performed on women who are not happy with the contour of their bustline. Although an experienced surgeon can minimize scarring, scars are an inevitable byproduct of breast lift surgery. The best candidates for breast lift in are healthy women who have good skin elasticity and understand the breast lift procedure.

What Should I Know about the Safety of Breast Lift Surgery?

Each year, thousands of women undergo breast lift surgery without experiencing major complications. However, it is important for you to be informed of the benefits as well as the risks posed by this procedure. You should be prepared to discuss possible complications with Dr. Ghaderi. Carefully following his advice and instructions will minimize some of the risks.

What Should I Know About My Results

Most women who have had breast lift surgery are thrilled with their firmer, younger looking breasts. Clothes fit better, and patients feel better about themselves. However, women considering breast lift surgery should expect scarring, which will diminish greatly over time, but will not completely disappear. For women looking to enhance the size and shape of their breasts, breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation.

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