Breast Implant Revisions

Dr. Ghaderi has helped many breast augmentation patients further enhance the results of a previous breast surgery. He is highly skilled in a number of breast revision surgery techniques, including breast implant replacement and breast implant removal.

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Dr. Ghaderi strives to deliver outstanding aesthetic results that will have life-changing effects on your physical and emotional wellness.

Improve Your Look

Although breast implants are an effective treatment and are quite popular among patients looking to enhance and beautify the appearance of their bustline, breast implants (silicone/saline) are not designed to last a lifetime. The appearance of augmented breasts is subject to change just like the rest of the body due to heredity, aging, weight gain or loss and a number of other natural processes.

In addition, many augmentation patients undergo breast implant replacement surgery for various personal reasons or to improve the size, shape or feel of their breasts. Others long for a completely natural look or may be suffering from breast implant complications and, therefore, decide to have their breast implants removed.

Good Candidates for Breast Revision Surgery

Breast implant revision surgery is an effective treatment option for women who may be unhappy with the results of a previous breast augmentation procedure and wish to alter the size, feel or shape of their breasts. Breast implant replacement surgery is often a mandatory procedure for women who may be experiencing complications, including infection, sagging implants, deflated/leaking implants and capsular contracture, a condition in which excess scar tissue forms around the implants and causes the breasts to appear unnatural and, in some cases, deformed.

What Do I Need to Know About the Safety of Breast Implant Replacement Surgery?

Breast implant replacement surgery is a safe procedure that leads to minimal complications when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon who specializes in a wide range of breast enhancement procedures. In fact, breast revision surgery is often a recommended procedure, especially for women who have had their current implants in place for more than 10 years. However, it is important to understand that any type of breast surgery is associated with some risks that should be discussed with your plastic surgeon prior to the procedure.

Other Breast Implant Surgery Options/Breast Implants Removal Surgery in Chicago

Breast implant revision surgery may be performed on patients who wish to remove their implants. This advanced procedure is performed for a number of reasons, the most common of which are change in size or shape, implant rupture and capsular contracture. Breast implant removal is strongly recommended for patients who are suffering from infections, abnormal scarring, asymmetry, hematoma or breast cancer.

Breast implant removal surgery is a complex procedure that should only be performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon following a comprehensive evaluation. At St. Charles Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer all types of breast revision surgery procedures performed in a state-of-the-art surgical suite under the meticulous care of renowned breast augmentation specialist Dr. Ghaderi.

What Should I Know About My Results?

The most important aspect of any plastic surgery procedure is to have realistic expectations, be clear about your desires and be able to communicate your wishes to your cosmetic specialist.

If you are interested in breast implant revision, contact our Chicago area office for more information, or to schedule a consultation.

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