Breast Augmentation: Achieving the “Natural” vs. “Augmented” Look

Breast augmentation is by far the most popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S. Like natural breasts, breast augmentations come in all shapes and sizes, and there is no “right” look for a cosmetic procedure—the results depend on what the patient is looking for. Here we discuss achieving the natural or augmented look during your breast enhancement procedure.

Broadly conceived, the results patients are looking for tend to fall into two camps—the “natural” look and the “augmented” look.

The natural look. Breast augmentation that tries to achieve the natural look focuses above all else on retaining the natural silhouette of the breasts.

“Natural” breasts tend to:

  • Feel and move like normal bodily tissue
  • Have a mild slope toward the nipple, and generally sit at mid-arm level
  • Have most of the breast volume in the lower half

To achieve this natural look, the plastic surgeon has to consider a number of factors, including  the patient’s body type, the current position of the breasts, the size of implants requested—and then deduce the perfect placement of the implants to create a seamless look.

The key factor is limiting the size of the implants to fit the patient’s body and to avoid excessively tight breast tissue. The shape of the implant itself is also key, and different size implants work best depending on how much breast tissue the patient is starting with, and the desired final volume. Placing the implants under the pectoral muscle can help to achieve a more seamless and neutral look.

The augmented look. Some patients are less interested in keeping their breasts looking “natural” and would instead rather enhance their breasts in a more prominent way.

Breasts with the “the augmented look” tend to:

  • Be larger on average than natural breasts for that patient’s body type
  • Sit higher on the chest
  • Remain closer together than natural breasts, which creates cleavage even when the breasts are not actively held together

Few doctors intentionally go for the augmented look, unless it’s what the patient is looking for. Instead, the augmented look tends to be a result of the size of the implants the patient is interested in. In addition to implants with high volume, implants with a high profile and sub-glandular placement higher on the chest can accentuate the prominence of the breasts.  In my practice, most patients look for the natural appearance. However, your happiness with the results starts with sharing your desires for your outcome. Whether you are looking for a natural appearance or an augmented one, I can help you achieve that after discussing it at your consultation.

Wondering which look will be a better fit for you? Head over to our Before & After gallery for examples of Dr. Ghaderi’s work. Then, reach out to us to set up a consultation!