4 Reasons Plastic Surgery Isn’t As Scary As People Think

When you tell people you’re considering plastic surgery, you’re sure to run into at least one person who believes plastic surgery is “scary”. Certain things in plastic surgery’s past—bad procedures, questionable clinics, or medical complications—have given it that reputation, but the plastic surgery of today is much different than that of two or three decades ago. In fact, modern plastic surgery has made leaps and strides that make it a viable consideration for anyone looking to supplement the results of diet and exercise.

Here are four reasons why modern plastic surgery isn’t as scary as people think:

  1. Plastic surgery is safer than it ever has been.

    Plastic surgery is now a $10 billion a year industry, and is growing at a healthy rate of 5% per year. Increasing professional standards and medical advances over the past 2 decades have made plastic surgery safer than ever before. Every year, millions of people around in the US undergo plastic surgery without any complications.

  2. Plastic surgery procedures look better than ever.

    New developments in technology and plastic surgery techniques have led to procedures that are more natural looking, heal more quickly, and look better for longer. For example, new procedures such as fat transfer are raising the bar by utilizing the patient’s own fat cells instead of implants, leading to a more natural look and lower surgery rejection rates.

  3. ASPS certification is an industry standard.

    Going with an ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) surgeon means that he or she has all the appropriate accreditation, including completing at least five years of surgical training with a minimum of two years in plastic surgery, and abiding by a strict code of professional ethics.
    The ASPS began launching advertising campaigns over a decade ago to educate the public on the importance of selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon.  The increase in patient knowledge regarding what to look for in a surgeon has led to more patients being in great hands during their surgery.

  4. The costs have come down.

    The costs of plastic surgery have been a different kind of scary in the past, but that is beginning to change. Questionable plastic surgery clinics have always used low prices to attract clientele, but now, legitimately certified plastic surgeons are able to offer lower prices because of technical advancements in the field. Financing options, which let patients spread the cost of plastic surgery over a longer time, are also becoming more widely available.

These are just four of the reasons why modern plastic surgery isn’t as scary as some people think. Instead, plastic surgery has become a safe and reliable way to improve key areas of your body when diet and exercise can only take you a part of the way toward the body you desire.

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