What We Learned About Personal Health in 2018

We live in a health-oriented society, and this year, like previous years, had no shortage of health trends. Here’s a brief overview of some of the exciting things we saw in health and wellness this year.

The rise of nootropics.

Supplements for physical health have been around for decades, but 2018 was the year mind-enhancing supplementation finally broke through to the mainstream. From stress-reducing l-theanine (TruBrain) to and the stimulant and “happiness-hormone booster” phenylethylamine (Awakened Alchemy), people now have a wide range of brain-enhancing supplements they can try. Some are diving right in and embracing this new class of supplements, while others are cautiously waiting for more research to come in to show the efficacy of these not-yet-proven compounds.

A focus on self-care.

In our fast-paced society, taking time for oneself has often been seen as a sign of weakness. Thankfully, the self-care movement really came into its own this year, and more people now consider it OK to take time to work out, relax, and generally get in the right mindset to ensure they’re getting the most out of life. We’re curious to see if any research studies will find a boost in overall happiness in those individuals who practice some self-care regimens.

Health foods for our pets too.

For a long time, pet food was pet food, and that’s all there was to it. Now, companies like Castor & Pollux and The Farmer’s Dog, among many others, offer health food for pets that’s on par with what their owners are eating. Considering how obsessed we all are with our pets, this was only a matter of time. One potential downside is the cost: organic pet food can cost double what the cheaper alternative costs.

The importance of sleep.

We’ve always been told that we need seven to eight hours of sleep for optimal health, but this year it might actually be sinking in. Led by Dr. Matthew Walker’s recent bestseller Why We Sleep, which ties sleep to virtually every element of physical and mental health, Americans are now paying more attention to getting adequate rest.

Probiotics for all.

We’ve got a whole post on the surprising power of the microbiome. The most amazing thing is that scientists are only now getting to research this fascinating part of the human body. Bacteria in your gut can affect everything from your digestion, to your skin, to your mental state.

What’s coming down the road in 2019? We can’t wait to find out!