Dr. Ghaderi has been such a significant contributing factor to my successful journey through my extensive cancer treatment. I was devastated when diagnosed with breast cancer; the treatment ahead looked frightening. With my consultations and planning with Dr. Ghaderi, the future look brighter; he was such a reassuring factor that brought calm and hope for success and a life after cancer. Yes, Dr. Ghaderi gave me hope and a belief that everything would work out fine. Now, I have a new “look” and confidence, despite the ravages of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, and radiation!!! I look and feel like a “new woman”! It is with pleasure and with assurance that I do highly recommend the care, professionalism, and results of Dr. Ghaderi and his wonderful staff!!! Thank you, Dr. Ghaderi, for all that you’ve done for me. THANK YOU!!!

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