Two years ago, I lost 180 pounds over the course of 12 months. With this weight loss, I had excessive skin around my abdomen that would not go away on its own. I was very self-conscious about how deformed my stomach looked post weight loss. I consulted with several other surgeons before I finally met with Dr. Ghaderi. Dr. Ghaderi offered what the other surgeons could not, trust. Right after the initial consultation, I could tell that Dr. Ghaderi cares about his patients and their results. After I had my abdominoplasty, I finally felt at ease. My stomach looked the way it should have looked. I felt like my weight loss journey was finally accomplished. Even after my surgery, Dr. Ghaderi still wanted to ensure that I got the results I wanted. I am beyond happy with the results and I will recommend Dr. Ghaderi to anybody that I know that is thinking about possible surgery.

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