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Winter 2017 Newsletter

The St. Charles Plastic Surgery Newsletter, Volume 13, Issue 4

Daughter Talk

Unwrapping Dad:  The Man Behind the Name

by Maya Ghaderi aka “The Middle Child”

As professional as Dr. Ghaderi might seem in his perfectly coordinated suits, the other side of him as a dad is more on the weird and quirky side. My dad has a lot more quirks than people who don’t live with him might think. On the outside, he’s a professional looking person who may look kind of dull (sorry dad), but at home, it’s much different.

My favorite thing he does is when he tailors his clothes all by himself. By tailoring his clothes, I mean taking a pair of scissors to his casual, lounging-around-the-house tees and cutting off whatever part is too tight on him. The cuff on that sleeve a little snug? No problem, just cut it off! In his mind, this looks perfectly normal, and people do this all the time. Newsflash dad, they definitely don’t do that.

If you’ve ever had the feeling that you’re about to become sick, don’t worry, the doctor has a perfect fix for that! His anti-sickness home remedy is taking every blanket we own in our entire house, and yes, I do mean every blanket, and piling them on the bed. He sleeps under this mound of blankets so he can “sweat it out.”  If you ask him about it, he’ll swear by this method and say that it works every time. Attention pharmaceutical companies, stop making antibiotics, you need to be making blankets.

You can ask my dad to do many things, and he’ll do them. However, if there’s one thing I don’t like to ask, it’s for him to go through a drive-thru. My dad can’t stand going through a drive-thru pretty much the same as how I hate going back to school after a weekend or break, which means he hates them A LOT. He stumbles over ordering and without fail confuses the person talking out of the tiny box. He, of course, thinks that drive-thrus are not user-friendly, the person working won’t hear him, or the order will be wrong because drive-thrus are just TOO complicated. It is an ongoing cycle that repeats itself every time. The only place he is somewhat relaxed in the drive-thru is McDonald’s because they use numbers instead of descriptions. So, shout out to you McDonald’s for making my dad’s life a little less stressful with your handy number system.

Traveling is something my family and I enjoy, but when traveling with my dad, it’s a wake-up call…literally. When going to the airport with my dad, if we’re not at least 3 hours early, we’re late. According to my dad, we need to factor in enough time for “driving, parking, and obnoxiously long lines.” If you live 45 minutes away from the airport and ask my dad what time you should leave for your 6 am flight, he’ll tell you to set out at 2:30 am or maybe even 2:00 am–just to be safe. Because why be perfectly on time when you can be annoyingly early? I mean, who doesn’t love leaving their house in the middle of the night, so they can sit three hours or more waiting to board their flight?

Last but not least, one of his quirks is how loud he talks. I’m convinced when he “whispers” our next-door neighbors can still hear him. He doesn’t have what one would call an inside and outside voice; he has one voice, and that’s loud. Despite that, his normal talking voice can still be topped by his phone voice, which is a whole new level of loud. I think he believes that if he talks louder to the people on the phone all the way in California, they’ll hear him better. It’s almost like he’s right there with them. But trust me, dad, if you’re whispering or talking normally they’ll hear you just fine; technology has really upped its game, ya know.

Even though I’ve grown up with my quirky dad, I’ve also grown up watching what a dedicated surgeon he is. He has missed different events with the family or even has had to leave on Christmas Day or other holidays to check on one of his patients. I may have shared a side of him you did not know, but the side you should always know is that he cares a lot about his work and his patients. Just don’t ask his advice on what time you should leave for your flight. Trust me on that.

Fur Mommas

Monica and Gabrielle’s kids do not walk on two legs; they walk on all fours!

Their dogs are not just animals, they are part of the family. Meet them below in their holiday photos.

Discounting Procedures

Medicine’s focus is to take care of patients, but it is a business as well.  However, it is a very different kind of business. I am sure many of you love shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday because of the deals and  discounts that just about every store gives on their products. Obviously, these deals are meant to entice the shopper to buy more or to buy something they otherwise would not have. How many of us are guilty of buying two of something even though we only needed one-just because the second one was half off? Or, how many times have you gone out to just hang out with a friend and do a little window shopping but come back home with something you never intended to buy-just because it was discounted? It feels great to get a deal!

What happens though if you have second thoughts when you get home? Well, you can return that grill you didn’t need or that extra pair of shoes that you don’t have room for. Wait – I APOLOGIZE for the shoe comment. Keep the shoes and just add to your closet space so you can accommodate them. Shoes are in a different category. Or so I’m told.

Surgical procedures belong in a different category as well. Once you have a procedure, you cannot return it. This is not a legal matter, just a reality matter. Therefore, there should be more thought and deliberation than just that instant pleasure of buying something on sale. I do agree and have seen surgical outcomes bring much happiness to patients and their value is many times invaluable. I would even argue perhaps just as enjoyable or even more so than that great new pair of shoes.

Some of you may remember that I majored in Economics/Business during my college years at UCLA. So, I do understand that in business discounting is reasonable and a good tactic. The 10th shirt being made will cost less than the first because you already have all the equipment and materials. If it costs less, then why not discount it if the consumer buys more? Your surgical outcome, however, is a hand-made product. The same machine, your surgeon’s hands, is used for the first procedure as the next one and the next one.  True, if you do two procedures on the same day, there is some decrease in cost, and that should be passed on to you as a patient. But some offices discount the second procedure by as much as 50%. That much discounting is obviously meant to elicit that feeling of, “I need to do this now!” Or sometimes there is seasonal discounting such as holidays or summer time. Again, this creates a feeling of urgency to sign up. Surgical decisions, especially on elective procedures, should never have a sense of urgency attached to them.

How do I handle discounting? We give a more realistic 10% discount on the second procedure if done the same day. I never want anyone to feel pressured with a “buy one get one half off” kind of deal, especially with something like surgery that requires thought and careful consideration. I also don’t do seasonal discounting or “specials.” Again, this is to avoid having any of you feel like you need to hurry and make a decision. What if it’s not the right time for you in the summer or holiday time? What if you paid for a procedure in October and then found out if you had just waited that there would have been a special seasonal discount? I believe the fee for surgical procedures should be consistent no matter what time you decide is the right time for you. On the other hand, I definitely believe you should treat yourself to those fabulous shoes that are on sale! Enjoy wearing them to that New Year’s Eve party. Best wishes in 2018!

Staff Picks: Holiday Movies

Winter is known for gloomy days and cold weather. It is the perfect time to grab a blanket, pop some popcorn, and watch a holiday movie.

Here are our top choices:

Doc: Elf
Dale: It’s A Wonderful Life
Monica: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Gabrielle: The Santa Clause

Contour Comments

Peppermint Scrub

During the winter months the harsh cold weather can take a toll on your skin. It is common for your skin to feel brittle and dry. You can make an at home scrub that smells just like peppermint with three simple ingredients. The scrub also makes a perfect gift! Here is how to make it:


-1/2 cup of coconut oil

-1 cup granulated sugar

-12-15 drops of peppermint essential oil


1. Melt coconut oil in the microwave for 30 seconds and let it cool for 5 minutes.

2. Stir in sugar and essential oil.

3. Package in air tight jars.

Happy New Year!

Dr. Ghaderi, Dale, Monica, and Gabrielle would like to wish everyone a happy new year!

We hope you reach your goals and dreams in 2018.

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