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Breast Augmentation Naperville – Breast Implants Chicago, IL

Plastic Surgery In ChicagoDr. Ghaderi is a skilled Chicago plastic surgery provider who specializes in helping patients obtain their desired body contour. He has years of experience helping his Naperville / Chicago breast augmentation patients achieve their desired breast size and shape. In the paragraphs below he explains this popular procedure. Prospective patients should view the photo gallery to see the results of some of Dr. Ghaderi’s Chicago breast implants patients.

When considering breast augmentation surgery in Chicago or Naperville, it is important to choose a Chicago breast augmentation surgeon who will listen to your goals and devise a treatment plan especially for you. Women who receive silicone or other breast implants at our Chicago, Illinois area practice receive high quality care and unparalleled results. Dr. Ghaderi wants you to feel good about your decision and he will work to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results of your surgery.

Feel Good About Yourself

Some women feel dissatisfied because their breasts never developed to a size that meets their expectations. Others want to bring balance to a breast that is somewhat smaller than the other. Often, women seek breast augmentation in Chicago to restore their natural breast volume, which may have decreased as a result of pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. Breast augmentation, technically known as augmentation mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breast. At St. Charles Plastic Surgery, we are pleased to offer breast enlargement surgery options, such as silicone breast implants, to patients throughout the Greater Chicago area and all of Illinois, as well as nearby states.

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Good Candidates for Breast Implants

Breast implants are a great option for many women, but may not be right for everyone. Though breast implants can improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence, it is important that you have a healthy self-image prior to surgery. The best candidates for breast enlargement surgery at our Chicago area practice are women seeking improvement in the way they look, not an instant fix for low self-esteem. Women who are physically healthy, have realistic expectations, and fully understand their own motivations for wanting the procedure are good breast augmentation Chicago candidates.

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone breast implants have been the focus of controversy in the plastic surgery profession for over a decade. Silicone breast implants were first introduced to the market in the 1960s and in January of 1992 the Food and Drug Administration asked for a voluntary moratorium on the sale of the silicone gel-filled breast implants due to public concern. After extensive testing and studies conducted by the FDA that showed no relation between silicone breast implants and disease, they were approved for use in breast enlargement surgery in 2006. Now, these silicone breast implants are a preferred choice for many Chicago breast augmentation patients at St. Charles Plastic Surgery.

The silicone gel used in these breast implants has a more natural feel when compared to saline filled implants. Common problems with saline filled breast implants such as rippling or implant wrinkling are rare with silicone gel-filled breast implants because the material doesn’t shift inside the implant. Therefore, the breasts maintain a soft and more natural appearance for breast augmentation Chicago patients.

Offering Chicago breast augmentation patients both silicone gel and saline-filled breast implants at his Chicago, Illinois area practice, Dr. Ghaderi discusses the risks and benefits of each implant option for patients considering breast enlargement surgery. To schedule a consultation, or to get more information about silicone breast implants, contact a breast augmentation Chicago / Naperville specialist at St. Charles Plastic Surgery today.

What Should I Know About the Safety of Breast Implants?

Each year, thousands of women undergo breast enlargement surgery in the Chicago, Illinois area and elsewhere in the country, without complications. However, it is important for you to be informed of the risks as well as the benefits of receiving breast implants. Prior to surgery, Dr. Ghaderi, a renowned Chicago breast augmentation surgeon, will discuss the procedure in great detail. By carefully following his advice and instructions, both before and after surgery, you can do your part to minimize some of the risks. Read above for more information about the safety of silicone breast implants.

What Results can I expect?

For many women, the result of breast enlargement surgery can be satisfying, even exhilarating, as they learn to appreciate their fuller appearance. Your new, natural curves will allow you to wear a greater variety of fashions, such as dresses with low-cut necklines and form-fitting tops. Many breast implants Chicago patients find that their new figure gives them a greater sense of self-confidence. When discussing the use of silicone or other types of breast implants with you at our center in the Greater Chicago, Illinois area, Dr. Ghaderi can also recommend additional procedures that can be performed to complement your breast enlargement surgery, such as liposuction, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, or face lift surgery.

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Dr. Ghaderi is exceptionally experienced in breast enlargement surgery, having already completed thousands of surgeries in his medical career. Contact St. Charles Plastic Surgery to find out more about breast augmentation surgery, including silicone breast implants, near Naperville and Chicago, Illinois.

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