Countdown to Summer: Health Moves You Can Make in the Next 6 Weeks

With summer quickly approaching, most us of will soon start thinking about what we can do in the remaining month and a half to really get in shape before swimsuit season. Here are 6 moves that can help you get your summer body back in the next 6 weeks:

  1. Skip the tanning beds — many people still choose to do artificial tanning to get a “glow” and get a jump start on summer. A tan can also help us look slimmer. However, tanning bed users have been shown to be 74% more likely to develop melanoma skin cancer than those who do not use tanning beds.
  1. Kick your exercise routine up a notch. If you usually exercise on your own, consider taking an exercise class that can teach you some new stuff. For one, it’s well known that challenging your body by doing a wide variety of exercises is one of the best ways to lose weight. Taking a class will also push you harder because you’ll be watching the people around you.
  1. Ditch soda, and drink more water — though they’re clearly stated on the can, it can be hard for many to keep in mind how many calories are in soda. Even worse, they’re empty calories because they’re pure sugar. Let’s put it this way: If you drink two sodas a day, that’s 280 empty calories you’re taking in on a daily basis. If you were to abstain from that for a week, you’d be saving yourself 1950 calories a week, or losing a little over a half pound per week just by making this simple change.
  1. Get outside. Spring weather is already in full swing, and there’s no reason to wait until summer to get outside and let the good times roll. It’s much easier to burn calories when you’re having fun outside — walking, riding a bike, jogging, or even working in the garden — instead of spending time in the gym.
  1. Add strength training to your routine. Many people who want to lose weight focus on cardio and don’t do any strength training on the mistaken assumption that this may lead them to gain unwanted muscle mass. In fact, strength training can help you burn more fat, because the more muscle you build, needs calories throughout the day even when you’re not exercising.
  1. Avoid bloating foods — beans, lentils, and dairy products (if your body can’t tolerate them) will lead to bloating and make you feel definitively like you’re NOT ready for the beach. To look your best, avoid these foods in the days up to your beach getaway.

Many men and women around Chicagoland are working hard to get their summer bodies back. At St. Charles Plastic Surgery, we advocate personal health as the first step toward looking and feeling well. We hope our new Summer Body Guide will serve you well in your preparation for summer!